Statistical data

The numbers are proof of the planted tree industry's strength

Ibá by the numbers

The planted tree industry has a significant impact on the economy, and its gross revenue in 2019 totaled R$ 97.4 billion.

Economic Indicators

Investments, generation of jobs and income, and taxes collected make the sector one of the pillars of Brazilian industry.

The trade balance was US$ 10.3 billion in 2019, the second-best result for the last 10 years.

Exports totaled approximately US$ 11.3 billion, equivalent to 4.3% of Brazilian exports

The planted tree sector is also responsible for approximately 3.75 million jobs, through direct and indirect employment and from the income effect

Projects intended to expand plantations and factories and establish new units up through 2020 are on the order of R$ 35.5 billion

Responsible for generating R$ 13 billion in federal, state and municipal taxes: 0.9% of Brazilian taxes collected

Area of Planted Trees

9 million hectares of eucalyptus, pine, and other species of trees (acacia, Araucaria, parica, and teak) planted for the following segments:


Pulp and paper


Steelworks and charcoal


Wood panels and laminate flooring


Financial investors (TIMOs*)


Independent producers


Solid wood products



Environmental Benefits

The 9 million hectares of planted trees absorb 1.88 billion tons of CO2eq¹ from the atmosphere.
7.4 million hectares are certified for forest management, ensuring sustainability and best practices in the industry.
5.9 million hectares of natural areas in the form of Permanent Preservation Areas, Legal Reserves, and Private Natural Heritage Reserves, as well as remediation of 32,700 hectares were included inprograms to restore degraded areas in 2019. Through these mechanisms, for each 1 hectare of planted forests the forest sector protects approximately 0.7 hectares of natural area.
In 2019, 78.8 million gigajoules of clean energy were generated, representing 69% of energy consumption in the sector.
CO2eq¹: Metric used to compare the emissions of several greenhouse gases, based on the global warming potential of each one.

Social benefits

Investments in social and environmental programs total R$ 828 million
These initiatives benefit approximately 6.9 million people, in approximately 1,000 municipalities
1.6 million people benefited by outgrower support programs in 2019

Cenários Ibá

Cenários Ibá is the bulletin of the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá); each month it brings together performance data on the pulp, paper, and wood panel segments. These include production, domestic sales, exports and imports, showing variations in comparisons with the same month of the previous year and the year-to-date results.

Cenários Ibá - Issue n° 70

Historical Performance of the Sector

Historical data series on the sector since 2007, collected by the Ibá. These data compare production, exports and import, as well as domestic sales in the pulp, paper and laminate flooring segments.

Historical Performance of the Sector