Ibá maintains public positions in the planted tree sector on a variety of relevant issues

FGlobal Forest Sector

ICFPA has published three new Policy Statements on behalf of the global forest products sector that offer useful

...guidelines and insight on forestry’s potential and innovative solutions to help address a range of current environmental and economic challenges.


Tree Biotechnology

Ibá considers the development and adoption of innovative technologies in the planted tree sector to be fundamental for efficient use of resources and sustainable gains in productivity. The association strives to contribute to discussions on this topic, targeting efficient and sustainable use of resources.

This position, which was developed with support from its associates, emphasizes that new technologies should be used to complement conventional techniques.

Ibá believes that genetic modification of trees can be yet another tool to obtain specific characteristics in planted trees

such as increased productivity, improved wood quality, and resistance to pests and diseases, drought, cold, or salinity, all of which are particularly relevant considering the effects of climate change.

Ibá also recognizes the importance of a regulatory framework for biosecurity and measures to stimulate investments in research and technological innovation. For this reason, it is important to stimulate continuous dialog between all parties and actors involved.


Forestry and Water Resources

Ibá and the Institute for Forest Research and Studies (IEPF) published a document entitled “Forestry and Water Resources.'

This publication highlights technical aspects gathered from a review of the literature connecting forestry and the water cycle, considering the current scenario with regard to water resources.