Activities in Brazil

Maintain relationships with authorities and represent the sector in discussions and events

Nationally, Ibá maintains a close relationship with elected officials in the Brazilian Congress, Chamber of Deputies, and Senate, as well as the Ministers of State. In individual meetings or events, the association promotes discussions about agendas which are in important to the sector.

Ibá representatives have played an active role in a number of significant discussions, such as the approval of legislation on outsourcing and labor reform, and continue to make contributions to the legislative agenda of the National Confederation of Industries (CNI) to add proposed bills which are of interest to the sector. They also communicate with the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court when cases related to the sector are being heard, and their efforts include strong efforts to keep the issue of Immune Paper under constant monitoring by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

In order to organize agendas and proposals, as well as to discuss strategies and positions on matters of interest to the industry, Ibá leads 14 committees: Government Relations, Tax and Fiscal, Legal, Foreign Trade, Immune Paper, Cardboard and Packaging Paper, Climate, Steering Committee for Panels, Steering Committee for Laminate Flooring, Steering Committee for Forestry, Forest Defense, Forest Certification, Biotechnology, and Communications.

There are also working groups which involve members for discussions on specific issues and decision making. Some examples are Water Resources, Biodiversity, Technical Barriers, Licensing, Panel Quality, and Laminate Quality.