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Hook up abbreviations, Hmu can also stand for hook me up, Urban dictionary

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  • 116 hook up abbreviations teen text terms decoded for confused parents
  • In this very important, very serious lesson, I will teach you some slang and acronymsnbsp

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    PMOYS Acronym that stands for put me on your Snapchatnbsp
    What is HOOK UP HOOK UP is Have sex HOOK UP Definition HOOK UP Means The definition of HOOK UP is Have sex The Meaning of HOOK UP HOOK UP means nbsp The most common text abbreviations.

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    What is the abbreviation for hook.
    Hmu can also stand for hook me up, which is typically a request to be connected with someone ornbsp
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    What it means Hit me up What does hmu mean.

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    20 gay hookup abbreviations you should know hmu. Text abbreviations have been around for a couple of decades now
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