Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture debates low-carbon land use agenda at COFO 23

Created: 13 July 2016

The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture will host the panel "The innovative multi-stakeholder approach for low-carbon economic development in Brazil – the case of the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture", on July 21st, from 2 pm to 5pm, during COFO 23, in Rome, Italy.

There will be five sessions and one debate. It will present this innovative multistakeholder initiative, aiming at building a new model of economic development in Brazil based on low-carbon principles and objectives for sustainable land use.

The sessions address the main issues related to the Brazilian Coalition's modus operandi, natural forests, planted forests, forest landscape restoration, and sustainable production and deforestation free in Brazil. Speakers will be René Castro (FAO), Roberto Waack (Amata and WWF Brazil), Elizabeth de Carvalhaes (Brazilian Tree Industry - Ibá), Miguel Calmon (IUCN) and Luiz Cornacchioni (ABAG - Brazilian Agribusiness Association).

At the end there will be a debate session, with Everton Lucero (Ministry of Environment of Brazil), Luiz Neves (New Generation Plantations), Ivone Namikawa (Klabin) Ana Yang (Children's Investment Fund Foundation - CIFF).

See the Brazilian Coalition's event program here.

See more about COFO 23 here.

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