Exports of pulp, wood panels and paper increase in 2015

Created: 28 January 2016

In 2015, the planted trees industry benefited from the currency depreciation and recorded an increase in exports of pulp, wood panels and paper. Pulp exports totaled 11.5 million tons in 2015 YTD, a 8.6% growth compared to 10.6 million tons exported in 2014. From January to December 2015, wood panel exports totaled 641 thousand m³, 52.3% higher year-over-year. Paper exports totaled 2.1 million tons in 2015, 11.5% higher year-over-year.

Please see below the other performance indicators for the planted trees industry, in the 20th edition of Cenários Ibá, the monthly bulletin of the Brazilian Tree Industry.

Exports revenue – In 2015 YTD, exports revenues from pulp, paper and wood panels totaled US$7.8 billion, which represents a 6.1% increase year-over-year, which totaled US$7.4 billion in 2014. Total balance of trade for the industry in 2015 is US$ 6.5 billion, which represents a 17.3% increase compared to the balance of trade year-over-year. Europe remains the main destination for Brazilian pulp, and accounted for approximately 38,5% of that revenue, followed by China and North America, respectively responsible for approximately 33,2% and 17,6%.  Shipments to China increased 8.8% in 2015.

Production – From January to December 2015, pulp production totaled 17.2 million tons, a 4.5% increase year-over-year. Paper production also remained practically stable, totaling 10.3 million tons in 2015.

Domestic sales – From January to December 2015, domestic paper sales totaled 5.5 million tons, 4.6% lower year-over-year. Wood panel sales totaled 6.4 million m³, 11.3% lower year-over-year.  

Outlook – “2016 will be an austere year, and the market will continue to face the same challenges as in 2015. Forecasts should be careful, because we still do not have a clear picture about the measures to boost the economy that will be announced by the government”, says Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, Ibá’s executive president.

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