All organizations are conceived based on their fundamentals

Ibá sustains itself on the value of Competitiveness of a new economic sector, a new industry: the planted trees industry. Ibá believes in the Perenniality of social and environmental resources, the vital inputs for a lifelong business and its success. Ibá takes Responsible care of these inputs, Nature and People, through corporate intelligence, and legitimate interest in business. Ibá invests in Innovation to produce the fruits of science and vanguard technology. Brings the future to today and makes it perpetual. The planted trees industry is the industry of the future. Our brand represents that.

All trade names are born from inspiration Ibá

Ibá is the free and sincere reinterpretation of ybá in the native Brazilian tupi-guarani language. Indigenous languages were not written, just spoken. “Jesuit missionaries reduced the sounds they heard straight from the barbarians mouths to letters (european)” (Father Antonio Vieira). Therefore, both written forms of ibá – with an i or y – have the same meaning. For the native Indians and to us, ibá means fruits. Fruits in the economic dimension: all richness that comes from trees. Wood, wood panels, laminate flooring, pulp, paper, biomass for energy producer, charcoal, microfibers, non-fossil raw material, nanopolymers and much more. Fruits in the social dimension: generates jobs and income, qualifies labor for production, keeps people in the field, creates future generations with new perspectives and more quality of life, promotes human and social development. Fruits in the environmental dimension: creates environmental services, absorbs carbon, preserves native forests, maintains biodiversity, recovers degraded areas.

Every logo expresses a meaning

The four phases of the Moon symbolize the respect towards Nature and its time, cycles, millenary secrets that are now studied by biotechnology. The four phases of the Moon also represent abundant and renewable resources, managed with responsibility. Since it is respected and preserved, Nature renews itself and is eternal. The fourth and last sphere of the Brand is the future to be filled in by all of us. The future is about caring and investing to guarantee new fruits. Forever.