Pulp, wood panels and paper exports show increase in 2014 YTD

Created: 02 October 2014

Pulp exports totaled 7.8 million tons from January through September 2014, a 12.6% increase compared to the same period in 2013, when exports totaled 6.9 million tons. The exported volume of wood panels totaled 419,000 m3 this year, a 32.2% growth year-over-year, when 317,000 m3 were exported. Paper exports totaled 1.4 million tons for the first nine months this year, a 1.9% variation year-over-year.

See below the other performance indicators from the planted trees industry, included in the fifth edition of Cenários Ibá, the monthly bulletin from the Brazilian Tree Industry.

Exports revenue – For the first nine months of 2014, exports revenues from pulp, wood panels and paper totaled US$5.5 billion, which represents a 1.9% increase year-over-year, when total revenues were US$ 5.4 billion. The industry’s balance of trade from January through September is US$ 4.1 billion, equal to a 4.1% increase on the balance compared to the same period last year. Pulp sales to China, the second largest market for this Brazilian product, totaled US$ 1.2 billion, a 7.5% increase compared to 2013.

Production – YTD pulp production reached 12.0 million tons, a 7.7% growth year-over-year, when 11.2 million tons were produced. Wood panel production was 5.9 million m3, a 2.3% increase compared to the same period last year. For the paper segment, production from January through September totaled 7.8 million tons, a 0.4% variation compared to the same period in 2013.

Domestic sales – From January through September 2014, pulp sales in the domestic market increased 3.9% compared to the same period in 2013, totaling 1.3 million tons. For paper, sales in the domestic market showed a 0.2% variation year-over-year, totaling 4.2 million tons. Domestic sales of wood panels totaled 5.4 million m3, 0.4% lower year over year.

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