The forestry industry is striving to recover 15 million hectares of Atlantic Rainforest

Created: 18 September 2015

Communities, environmentalists and companies gathered their strengths to enable the recovery of the Atlantic Rainforest, which houses 20,000 native plant species and 270 mammal species. This important work is depicted in the video produced by the WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature - through a partnership with the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) and the NGP (New Generation Plantations). 

"We recover the Atlantic Rainforest, while planting trees for the forest products industry. In the mosaics, natural and planted forests are interwoven and guarantee the maintenance and preservation of the region's biodiversity," says Ibá CEO, Elizabeth de Carvalhaes. 

The video shows examples of partnerships, with the integration between planted forests and beekeepers, who installed artificial honeycombs in between planted trees in a way that was not aggressive to the environment.  

As the world will have nine billion inhabitants in 2050 and the demand for wood will increase three-fold; we must plant more and more efficiently. Therefore, integrating and recovering native forest areas will become evermore essential.

Enjoy the content and share it with your network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq-KQlbuR6Q.

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